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Two Locations: Christiansburg, and Roanoke! Call 540-382-2871 for Christiansburg or 540-595-9147 for Roanoke
Two Locations: Christiansburg and Roanoke

Nerf: Zombie Ghoulgrinder

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If you can't beat 'em -- grind 'em! The Nerf Zombie Strike Ghoulgrinder blaster has a rotating, 10-dart wheel that resembles a grinding wheel tool. Move the bolt to prime the blaster, and press the trigger to fire 1 dart. The wheel indexes to the next dart when you prime. It includes 10 Official Nerf Zombie Strike darts that are tested and approved for performance and quality. There's onboard 5-dart storage to keep backup firepower in reach when the zombies are coming at you thick and fast. The stock is removable, and the barrel has an attachment point, so you can customize with Nerf Zombie Strike accessories (not included). The blaster has design features to capture the story of kids building zombie-fighting gear from anything they can find -- like a grinding wheel, a screwdriver, and other parts and pieces. The zombies will grind to a halt when you take aim with the Ghoulgrinder blaster! Powered by you -- no batteries needed.