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Family Owned and Operated since 2009!
Family Owned and Operated since 2009!

Ugly Doll-Univeral Dracula Ice Bat

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SKU GND4037140
Babo™, Ice-Bat™, OX™, Big Toe™, Tray™ and Wedgehead™ are headed to the Universal Studios lot stage 28! Legend says stage 28 is haunted, but the Uglys know it’s filled with a rich history, wonderful memories and, word has it, a vending machine. But are they going in their street clothes? No way, especially since they don’t own any! The Uglys are headed to Universal Studios in full UNIVERSAL MONSTER cosplay mode! Ice-Bat™ is going as Dracula! He may feel faint at the sight of blood, but Ice-Bat™ has always been drawn to Dracula’s smooth style and hypo eyeball look…and nothing beats the cape with the popped collar! VANT! Querer!