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Two Locations: Christiansburg, and Roanoke! Call 540-382-2871 for Christiansburg or 540-595-9147 for Roanoke
Two Locations: Christiansburg and Roanoke

Traxxas Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Parts Exploded View (93054-4)


Listed below are links to parts we've had that are compatible with this vehicle. These items may be currently out of stock. If an item you need is out of stock or not part of this list, we may be able to order it for you. If you have any questions, please call us at 540-382-2871.

1633- E Clips,C Rings:Universal
- Diaphragm Plastic: Universal
1942- Rod End/Ball Screw & Con:TMX.1

1985- Washers 5x8mm:N,S,SS,TMX.15,2.
2075- Servo,Digital High-Torque:Revo
2362- Shock Rebuild Kit: EMX, TMX 2.5,SLH
2551- Screws Countersunk Machine 3x10mm Revo (6)
2577- Screws, 3x10mm Buttonhead (6)
2578- Button Head Screws 3x12mm (6)
2742X- Rod Ends & Hollow Ball T-Mx (6)
2743- Set Screw 3mm Hardened (12)
2754- Stub Axle Pins (4)
3767- Shock Caps/Bottoms (2)
3768- Traxxas Spring Retainers:EMX,TMX.15,2.
3785- Motor, 550 Titan, 12Turn
5114- Ball Bearing, 5x8x2.5mm:TMX3.3
5116- Ball Bearings 5x11x4mm Revo (2)
5118- Ball Bearings 8x16x5mm Revo (2)
5119- Ball Bearing, 10x15x4mm:TMX3.3
5347- Rod Ends w/Hollow Balls Lrg Revo (12)
8332- Caster Blocks C Hubs