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Two Locations: Christiansburg, and Roanoke! Call 540-382-2871 for Christiansburg or 540-595-9147 for Roanoke
Two Locations: Christiansburg and Roanoke

Traxxas Rustler VXL Parts Exploded View (37076-4)


Listed below are links to parts we've had that are compatible with this vehicle. These items may be currently out of stock. If an item you need is out of stock or not part of this list, we may be able to order it for you. If you have any questions, please call us at 540-382-2871.

1633- E Clips,C Rings:Universal
1654- C6044 Stub Axle Pin & Collar:B,S,H,E
1664- R Shock Rods: Universal
1664T- Shock Shafts Long Nitro Rustler (2)
1747R- Nuts, 4mm (4) Blue Alum:VXL
1765- Diaphragm Plastic: Universal
1914R- Body Mount Fr/Rr Monster Jam
1942- Rod End/Ball Screw & Con:TMX.1
1985- Washers 5x8mm:N,S,SS,TMX.15,2.
2075- Servo,Digital High-Torque:Revo
2362- Shock Rebuild Kit: EMX, TMX 2.5,SLH
2381X- Main Diff w/Steel Ring Gear:VX
2382- Planet & Sungears, Shaft: N, NB, NRU,SLH
2388X- Planetary Gear Diff:VXL,SLH
2530- Front Bulkhead
2530A- Fr Bulkhead, Grey:Nitro Rustler ,Nitro Stampede 2.5,S
2532- Tie Bar Fiberglass SRT
2542- Countersunk Machine Hex Drive Screws 4x12mm (6)
2554- Backplate Screws:TRX 2.5 motor (6)
- Button Head Machine Screw 3x8mm Revo (6)
2577- Screws, 3 x 10mm Buttonhead (6)
2578- Button Head Screws 3x12mm (6)
2591- 3x23mm (6) Button-Head
2640- Chrome Suspn Pins,44M
2656- Shock Shafts,XX-Long:TMX.15,2.
2656T- Shock Shafts Titan Nitride Coat XXL 2.5 (2)
2735- Front Bumper
2742- Rod End/Ball:NS,NST,SS,E/TMX.15
2742X- Rod Ends & Hollow Ball T-Mx (6)
2743- Set Screw 3mm Hardened (12)
2746- Metal Washers 3x6mm (12)
2753X- Stub Axles,Rear (2):SLH
2754- Stub Axle Pins (4)
3195- Steel Drive Gear:Rustler, Bandit, Nitro Stampede
3629- Seal Kit Rx Box Stampede/Rustler/Bandit
3631- Front Suspension Arms:ST,RU,SLH
3631A- Suspension Arms Front HD Blue
3632- Caster Blocks Left/Right
3632A- Caster Block Alum Blue, Slash, Rustler, Stampede
3637- Axles (front) (2)
3638- Shock Tower Rear
3639- Shock Tower Front
3640- Suspension screw pin set, steel (hex drive) (requires part #2640 for a complete suspension pin set)
3644- Trnbckle,Camber Link 39mm,FR(2)
3647- Nuts, 4mm (8) Nylon Locking:VX
3652X- Alum Rear Stub Axle Housings
3654- Hex Whl Hub 2.5x12mm Fr Rustler/Stampede (2)
3655X- Susp Arms Left & Right Slash 4x4
3672- Re Chrome Wheel Rustler (2)
3677- Wheelie Bar Mount Stmpd/Rstlr/Bndt
3691- Gearbox Halves w/Idler Shaft:S
3691A- Gearbox Lt/Rt w/Idler Gear Shaft Gray
3696- Idler Gear Steel 30T
3727A- Battery Hold-Down Plate
3736- Steering Blocks VXL Series (2)
3737A- Camber Link Alum Blue
3743- Steering Bellcranks:BA
3744- Servo Saver
3745- Turnbuckles, toe link, 59mm (78mm center to center) (2) (assembled)
3752- Stub Axle Carriers (2)
3762A- Ultra Shocks (2)
3767- Shock Caps/Bottoms (2)
3768- Traxxas Spring Retainers:EMX,TMX.15,2.
3771A- All-StarBlkChrome w/Alias(2),F
3772- All-Star Wheels 2.8" Re Chrome (2)
3772A- R All-Star 2.8" Blk Chrome Whl
3793- Rustler XL Shaft, Slipper Clutch, Roll Pin
3931- Flat Head Machine Hex Drive Screws 3x8mm (6)
3934- Body Clips Maxx (12)
4628R- Diff Output Yokes Black (2)
4676- 48PSprGr,76T:TorqueSlippr Clut
4683- Spur Gear 48P 83T
4686- Spur Gear 48P 86T
4690- Spur Gear 48P 90T
4725- 48P Pinion Gear,25T:SLH
5116- Ball Bearings 5x11x4mm Revo (2)
5347- Rod Ends w/Hollow Balls Lrg Revo (12)
5529- Shim Set Jato
5552X- Rebuild Kit Slash 4x4
5556- Slipper Pressure Plate & Hub Jato
6845- Steering Bellcranks Slash 4x4