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Two Locations: Christiansburg and Roanoke

Model T Kit Rock Tumbler with Rubber Barrel, Industrial Motor

Rock tumbling is a Hobby the Family Can Enjoy Together. If you are truly interested in producing flawless gems through the tumbling process, this Rock Tumbler with Accessory Kit is Ideal. FEATURES: Tumbling is a simple way to polish agates and other gem stones Fully detailed instruction booklet (learn how to identify rocks that can be polished, the various types of rocks, and more) INCLUDES: One Complete Kit (Model T Rock Tumbler w/Accessories) Bag of rocks and jewelry findings accessory pack, Grit Pack- (4 oz. coarse) (4oz. fine) (2 oz. polish) (2 oz. pre-polish) COMMENTS: Tumbler will run for approximately 7 days (24 hours) a day Motor is designed to run hot to the touch Model T tumblers are impedance protected Tumbler comes with a (3 lb) rubber barrel NOT RECOMMENDED FOR CHILDREN UNDER 12 YEARS OF AGE Electrically operated 10/26/94sk ir/jl BOX DIMENSIONS: 12.50" W. X 5.00" H. X 15.50" L. BOX WEIGHT: 7.03 LBS.