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Two Locations: Christiansburg and Roanoke

20 Function Charger Lead

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Known around our office as the "giant squid", this charge Adapter is an absolute must for your store's service department and for experienced, diversified consumers. Includes the following plugs to address most any charging requirement: Futaba TX, Jr TX, Universal RX, EC5, EC3, EC2, XT90, XT60, T-Plug, tamiya-style Molex, mini tamiya-style Molex, EFL/Blh micro, hubsan-style micro, glow plug (for charging ni-starters), hc (traxxas-style), xh-style micro, Molex mini, JST, XL JST (mini-t style connector), and finally a blank set of wires to add any Type of connector we may have forgotten. This is absolutely the finest and most versatile Charging Squid you or your customers may ever need.