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Blinded By Science

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We love trivia, but we have a problem with the science category in most trivia games: it's too dang easy. Are we right? In Trivial Pursuit, the green wedge is always the first one we get. "Hi" right back at you, friendly little test tube in Trivia Crack. We'll take Science for $200, Alex. Nice as it is to get some points on the board, you'd rather have a challenge, right? You play to stretch your brain. When the lovely folks at Outset Media heard about our plight, they developed a game just for y'all. Blinded by Science is a trivia game about science for actual fans of science. There are three questions on each card (with the occasional extra credit), progressively harder on the same topic. Let us hit you with a few samples (drag over the white space to reveal the answer): What organelle do plant cells have that animal cells lack? Chloroplasts. What phylum do humans belong to? Chordata. Alan Turing designed "the bombe," an electromechanical machine used to decrypt the code of what device used by Nazi Germany? Enigma machine. Pretty solid, right? We were impressed. And also we learned some stuff. Everybody wins. Well, okay, technically only one person or team wins. But everybody wins when we all learn! Product Specifications Blinded by Science Trivia A ThinkGeek exclusive from our friends at Outset Media A science game for science geeks For 2+ players Ages 14+ Play time: 15 minutes - 1 hour (we're estimating here - please report back if you play) Mechanic: n/a Includes: 220 cards Rules You provide pencil and paper or some sort of chits for keeping score