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Family Owned and Operated since 2009!
Family Owned and Operated since 2009!

Bubble Thing Bubble Maker Wand (World's Largest Bubbles)

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Bubble Thing- World's Largest Bubbles! Kids love bubbles, and I bet you've never seen bubbles this big. The Bubble Thing makes it possible for anyone to easily create 10- to 20-ft. bubbles. We've even heard reports of 35-ft. bubbles! (Haven't made those yet, but my grandson and I sure have fun trying!!!) Included with the giant 22'' wand and huge fabric bubble-forming loop is a bottle of powdered Big Bubble Mix that makes 2.7 gallons of amazing bubbles by adding it to a mixture of Joy or Dawn dish soap and water. After you run out of the mix, you can either order more from us, or in a pinch, you can still make great bubbles following the recipe included with the set! Another reason we're offering the Bubble Thing is that for every two sets sold, the makers will donate the planting of one tree through How good is that? (Ages: 6 and up) #16208 - Mks 2.7 gallons,23'' wand