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Two Locations: Christiansburg, and Roanoke! Call 540-382-2871 for Christiansburg or 540-595-9147 for Roanoke
Two Locations: Christiansburg and Roanoke

Conductor Carl's Playtime Express Train Set

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ALL ABOARD PLAYTIME EXPRESS: Get your ticket stamped and head onto the Playtime Express! We've created 12 new trains in vibrant colors, detailed with original designs 12 COLORFUL TRAINS: Mix and match 9 train cars with the 3 locomotive engines or add them to other wooden train toys! They magnetically link up to other trains just like standard train cars NEW TRAIN DESIGNS: You'll find new & creative train designs that've never been seen on a track before. Includes wheat train, recycling transport, coal car, farm fresh food car, & lumber transport. WHOLESOME SOLID WOOD: Each train is made of natural cuts of solid wood. A wholesome source of early exploration and a launchpad for curious minds PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERS: Add these uniquely-designed trains to train sets & cars of other major brands and add them to any set of Conductor Carl train tracks