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Two Locations: Christiansburg and Roanoke


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02259 ELECTRIC BLUE FLUORESCENT AEROSOL PAINT 3.5oz Ever seen a neon sign in the middle of the night? Spaz Stix fluorescent paints are just as bright and vibrant. These colors are sure to make any car stand out on the track. Try our most popular fluorescent colors Hot Pink, Yellow and Fireball orange. Fluorescent Paint Instructions: IMPORTANT - Use Spaz Stix Pre-Prep #SZX90059 before painting to keep paint jobs- Swirl and Fingerprint free. Spaz Stix Fluorescent paints will appear lightly colored at first and will build in intensity with additional coats. Fluorescent paint effects are best sprayed over or backed with Solid White (Backer) #SZX00209 or HQ Sandable Primer #SZX00219. Forced heat can crack fluorescent paint, which can create a unique look! Try spraying another color between cracks to complete your one of a kind design. Seal and protect with Spaz Stix #SZX90109 Clear Coat and Nitro Fuel protectant. Use interior and/or exterior black lights to significantly illuminate our flourescent paints. 1. Allow can to warm to room temperature, then shake for one minute. 2. Hold can 8" to 10" from surface while spraying in an even, consistent spray pattern. 3. Occasionally shake can in an up-down motion during use. 4. When finished painting, clean valve by holding can upside down while spraying for two seconds. Wipe residue away from spray tip. 5. Allow at least 20 minutes dry time before any additional applications. 6. Always test on a scrap surface first. Suggested Backer Color: SZX00209 Solid White Backer 3.5oz Aerosol .