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Family Owned and Operated since 2009!
Family Owned and Operated since 2009!

HO SD70ACe, NS/30th Anniversary #1030

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Features Back to Top ^ New MU receptacles on both front and rear pilots – Equipped with additional "dummy" receptacles for storing MU cables Battery charging receptacle – Located inboard of each “hot” MU receptacle Turbocharger compartment doors, long hood – Small latched, hinged access doors at the top of the exhaust silencer manifold compartment. The entire forward section of the engine compartment is built out instead of flush. Nose headlight plate – Weld seam at the location of the plated-over, nose-mount headlight location Padlock box – Large padlock storage box for nose door security Electrical cabinet access panel – Equipped with a large, bolt-on electrical cabinet access panel Late inverter cabinet (Chicago Blower Intake) – Inverter cabinet features a large grill LSL indicator light – Small Locomotive Speed Limiter indicator light under both sides of the cab ECP connector box and connections – ECP connections are located on both pilot faces next to the coupler ECP equipment box – Large control box that houses equipment for the ECP system Late sander brackets – Heavy-duty support brackets for the truck sanding lines NS LEADER PTC antenna array – Long, tubular radio antenna cover and a pair of Sinclair “ice skate” antennas Overview Back to Top ^ Specifications Back to Top ^ DCC: Ready SOUND: Ready PROTOTYPE MANUFACTURER: Electro Motive Division COUPLER STYLE: McHenry Scale Knuckle Minimum Age Recommendation: 14 years Is Assembly Required: No Media Gallery