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Two Locations: Christiansburg and Roanoke

Jurassic World Hatchling:TyranRex

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Jurassic World Hatchlings capture that magical moment when a baby dinosaur egg hatches and you see the baby dinosaur for the very first time. Each colorful hatchling egg features a little crack on the front and a DNA code that activates when you push the top of the egg down. An eye is then revealed and peaks at you through the crack! A few moments later, the egg hatches and the top pops off to reveal the baby dinosaur! Each baby dinosaur has a special feature unique to its species like the T. rex's teeth grow for a super chomp; Baby Blue the Velociraptor had food pellets that can be feed to her then come out the other end; the Triceratops grows horns; and more. Kids can have fun with hatching action again and again and the eggs are also great for storing the baby dinosaurs. Each sold separately, subject to availability.