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Two Locations: Christiansburg and Roanoke

Kingpin Truck Rear w/Foam Red

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Team Losi has been the innovator in off-road tire design for over 20 years. Their new LOSB7637(R & S) "King-Pin" rear truck tire is the latest in cutting edge application specific design. The "King-Pin" is designed to bridge the gap between loose loamy surfaces and hard packed blue-groove tracks while working well on both. The combination of the reinforced carcass and the unique directional tread design and pin profile provide remarkable traction on a wide variety of tracks and surfaces. Although the Step-Pin and Taper-Pin tires have been the racer's choice for extreme track conditions, the "King-Pin" addresses the need for a tire that excels in the broad range of conditions in between. On a loose surface the many sharp edged square pins easily penetrate semi-loamy dirt due to the unique design that resists deflection. On a hard packed surface the many edges provide excellent forward drive and side bite. The race proven carcass design is clearly marked with a direction of rotation arrow and is a sure bet to handle both smooth and rutted surfaces. The "King-Pin" is available in Team Losi's exclusive "Silver" and soft "Red" rubber compounds and includes firm foam inserts.