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Two Locations: Christiansburg and Roanoke

Lili Grenadine's Heart

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Bonjour! Ma Cherie! Take me on an adventure and I'll be your constant companion. Hug me, cuddle me and love me. More than just a doll, Lili Grenadines is a darling first companion for your little baby. She constantly wears an encouraging embroidered smile, promoting love and gentleness. Dressed in a soft lavender blouse with lace around the neck, pretty fuchsia cotton skirt and Mary Jane shoes, Lili is eager to be a party guest. With her clothes sewn on and being machine washable, she is ready for anything life brings! Lili is a pretty companion, playmate, friend and snuggle-buddy. And on top of that, she encourages cognitive growth. Multiple textures appeal to fingers just starting to grasp and feel. Plush and soft with no hard parts, she's ultra-squeezable. Arms and legs are sized just right for tiny hands to hold. Lili Grenadines Heart brings assured delight to little girls! Lili Grenadines Heart Soft, and easy to hold doll Especially made for infants Encourages love and kindness Differing textures and details promote finger dexterity Plush, with no hard parts for happy cuddling Clothes are sewn on for safety - skirt, blouse and hat Machine washable