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Two Locations: Christiansburg and Roanoke

Mickery Roadster Balloon Jump Set

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Mickey Mouse will do anything he needs to get to the finish line, and this time he's going up, up and away as he flies to victory in this wacky Balloon Jump Playset. Have your child load Mickey into the bottom of the hot air balloon, press down on the button, and watch as he soars through the air. Mickey then lands at the top of a ramp where he gets launched to victory. This high flyin' track set includes an exclusive sky-blue Mickey Hot Rod die-cast vehicle. Your child can also extend the fun by collecting and connecting other Mickey and the Roadster Racers track sets and coming up with their own configurations using the Mickey ear-shaped track connectors. Other Mickey and the Roadster Racers die-cast vehicles and track sets sold separately and subject to availability.