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Two Locations: Christiansburg and Roanoke

Mon Premier Bebe Bath Boy

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Mon Premier Bebe inspires playful fun... even in the pool and bath! A favorite baby doll even at bathtime and in the swimming pool. Mon Premier Bath Boy is tailor-made for lasting fun. Wherever your child goes, Bebe goes too - and that includes the water! Specially made with polystyrene beads, this boy doll is designed for water play. He dries remarkably fast. Extremely light, he also floats! Baby bath boy evokes real-life role play and imagination. The pacifier fits in his sweet little mouth, and when you lay him down, his blue eyes close in peaceful slumber. His blue and green striped outfit is bright and cheerful, and a orange rubber ducky compliments his fun-loving energy perfectly. Huggable and loveable, this baby boy has the look, feel and wonderful soft vanilla smell that every Corolle doll is known for. Lightly scented with a supple body to hold and squeeze, Mon Premier dolls consistently delight young children. Mon Premier Bebe Bath Boy Adorable baby doll made for pool and bathtime fun Encourages life-skill development Inspires role-play and imagination Removable blue and green striped shirt, blue shorts and sweet blue hat Fun-loving orange rubber ducky Clear pacifier (attached to shirt) fits into the mouth Soft body filled with polystyrene beads for quick drying Tab on back allows hang-up drying Soft, light body floats in the tub or pool High quality construction by Corolle