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Numbers Match Up Game

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Details: Ages 2+ 1-4 players Plays in 10-20 minutes 2 levels of play and a puzzle No reading required $7.99 Includes: 24 3 1/2" x 5" durable game cards 24-piece puzzle Instructions for 2 levels of play Parent learning prompts Learning Skills: Visual memory Counting Taking turns How to Play: There are two ways to play this fun matching game – Face Up Match Up for the youngest players and Memory Match Up for kids 3+. In Face Up Match Up place all cards face up on a table or smooth surface. Have an adult request a match. For instance, “can you find the “3s?” Children can take turns or compete to see who finds the most matches. Or have the child pick up one card in numeric order. For a more challenging game, turn the cards face down and play a memory matching game. Try to make matches by turning over two cards on each turn. If the cards match, take the cards. If they do not match turn them back over in the same place in the game. A challenging puzzle keeps the fun going for years to come. Why families love this item: A fun and colorful way to learn numbers! Large cards make it easy for kids to handle. The compact box is a great take-along item.