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Two Locations: Christiansburg and Roanoke

Onyx 235 AC/DC Advanced Charger LiPo and NiMH with Balancer

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This is the DuraTrax Onyx 235 AC/DC Advanced Charger with Built-In Balancer. Combines the proven features of the Onyx 230 with balancing and other asked for extras. Also charges LiPo, Li-Ion, and LiFe packs. *** When charging LiPo batteries, the Main Charge Lead and the Balance Lead *** *********** MUST be connected in order for the charger to operate. ************ *********** If only one connection is made, the charger will sound ************ ********************* an alarm when charging is initiated. ******************** FEATURES: Charges 1-10 cell NiCd or NiMH (1.2 - 12V) cells and 1-4 cell LiPo Li-Ion or LiFe (3.7 - 14.8V) cells Balancing jack for up to 4 lithium cells Universal jack for charging radio batteries Detachable AC and DC input power cords USB jack for charging music players, cell phones and other accessories Mini USB jack for downloading firmware Custom CC/CV charge algorithm carfully charges Lithium Polymer, Lithium-Ion or Lithium Ferrite-Phosphate (A123) batteries fully and safely Pushbutton controls and audible tones for easy setup and control Precise peak detection with automatic TRICKLE charge fills packs completely for optimum voltage and run time, 3 - 20mV adjustable peak detection helps to customize charger-to-battery performance Built-in banana jacks allow connection with many common charge adapters, an adapter with Kyosho type plug is included Built-in fan for long lasting performance Custom reversed LCD with backlight for easy viewing in any condition shows input and output voltges, peak voltage, charge current, charge capacity and time and more Small lightweight switching AC power supply delivers up to 5 amps of charge current Solid state reverse polarity and current overload safety devices FIVE YEAR warranty through Hobby Services (U.S.A. and Canada only) beginning at date of purchase INCLUDES: DuraTrax Onyx 235 AC/DC Advanced Charger with Built-in Balancer and output adapters for Deans Ultra Plug, Traxxas and standard connectors, lithium balance adapters for ElectriFly and FlightPower/Thunder Power REQUIRES: Charge Leads depending on type of battery; DTXC2223 Chrge Lead Banana to Mini Plug HCAP0101 Futaba J Tx/Rx Charge Leads NO 9VAP HCAP0102 Futaba J Tx/Rx Charge Leads 9VAP ONLY HCAP0105 JR Tx/Rx Charge Leads HCAP0106 Hitec/Airtronics Z Tx/Rx Charge Leads GPMM3149 Charge Lead Banana/Deans Micro SPECS: AC Input: 110V AC 60Hz - 240V 50Hz, detachable cord, 50W DC Input: 11-15V detachable cord with alligator clips Battery Types: 1-10 NiCd or NiMH cells (1.2-12V) 1-4 cell LiPo, LiIon or LiFe (3.7-14.8V) Fast Charge Current: 0.1 - 8.0A linear (4C limit for Lithiums, 5A limit with AC input Fast Charge Termination: Peak detection for NiCd/MH, CC/CV for Lithium Fast Charge Safety Timer: OFF-300 minutes NiCd/NiMH Peak Sensitivity: 3 - 20mV adjustable NiCd/NiMH Auto Trickle Current: Auto (1/20 fast charge settings) or manual(0 - 250mA) Battery Memories: 10 Protective Devices: Solid-state reverse polarity and current overload Case size: 6.3 x 5.3 x 1.7" (160 x 134 x 43mm) Weight: 19.7oz (559g) with DC cord attached