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Two Locations: Christiansburg and Roanoke

Ramses Return

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99 pieces Ages 7+ Dare to defy the curse and claim the treasure! Introducing LEGO® Games, the world?TMs first collection of games that you build, play and change. With the unique buildable LEGO Dice and changeable rules, LEGO Games is a great way of having fun together with family and friends. Do you dare to enter the pyramid to find the golden treasures of Ramses? Uncover the mysterious crystals and grab the treasure but beware of the mummy and the ancient curse of Ramses! A thrilling memory-based chase game for 2 - 4 players. * 1 buildable LEGO® Die * 5 LEGO microfigures * 99 LEGO pieces * 1 rule booklet * 1 building instruction booklet * For 2 - 4 players * Game play approximately 10 - 20 minutes