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Two Locations: Christiansburg and Roanoke

Relative Insanity - See What I Mean

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Remember the time when your uncle managed to set the table on fire while blowing out his birthday candles? Or the time your mom came across a too friendly dolphin? Or your cousin's wedding where the whole party fell in the lake during pictures? Everyone doubted you, but you have the pictures to prove it! In Relative Insanity: See What I mean?! you roll a die to see if you caption the picture with a PUNCHLINE, WHAT HAPPENED NEXT or WHAT WOULD GRANNY SAY. Then the judge determines who has the best response to the pictures to be Mom's Favorite, and the second funniest (the Middle Child) and if there is a Black Sheep of the family. It's a different hilarious game each time you play! Features the humor of Jeff Foxworthy. For 4 to 12 players.