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Two Locations: Christiansburg and Roanoke

Science Ant Mine - Make Your Own Ant Farm

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We love ants and we want children to experience these amazing creatures too! By building this ant colony, kids will learn important lessons about the natural world around them. They will learn important beginner STEM skills such as observation, attention to detail and following instructions. In addition, they will learn about one of Earth's most abundant populations. Follow the Education and Instruction booklet closely to construct the ant mine, find out how to care for the ants and be inspired by experiments to understand ant behavior! || Adult supervision is recommended. || The Ant Mine includes: Casting plaster, Multi-chamber ant colony mold, Stand, Plexi-window, Rivets and Access Plugs, Cotton Balls, Ant catcher, Plastic straw, Colony interlink tubes, Mask, Pipette and tweezers and Instruction booklet. || Size of Ant Mine: 10. 25"L x 7. 1"W.