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Two Locations: Christiansburg and Roanoke

True Genius Curated Collection Puzzle

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True Genius puzzle collection - the curated collection: this assortment includes five different puzzles representing each of the ancient civilizations featured in the true Genius line. Each puzzle is solved in a completely different way with a range of difficulty giving your customer a taste of the entire line. > true Genius collection: a new twist on the classics. The true Genius puzzle collection line brings together classic brainteaser puzzles and links each design with an ancient civilization including China, Aztec, Rome, Greece, and Egypt. These puzzles are finished in an antique style to look as though they might actually be artifacts from long ago. The true Genius line offers a wide variety of price points, difficulty level, and solve types - filling the gaps in any store's puzzle selection or standing alone as a comprehensive collection of brain teasers.