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Two Locations: Christiansburg and Roanoke

Wizard Potion Kit

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SKU THK550050
A fun, mystical chemistry kit in disguise: Brew up a cauldron of sweet, magical potions that are safe to drink! Follow an illustrated story to conduct a series of potable potion-making experiments while learning about a range of chemistry topics such as chemical reactions, polymers, solutions, indicators, density, and more. Includes instructions and ingredients to make five different "magical" potions that you can safely drink, including a fizzing citrus elixir, strawberry "frog's eggs," a color-changing "transmogrification" potion, a slimy chia seed drink, and an "anti-gravity" tonic. Comes with a plastic cauldron, a magic wand (aka a dual-purpose mixing rod/measuring spoon), ingredient packets, and a variety of scientific tools needed to create your potions.