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Two Locations: Christiansburg and Roanoke

Zuma Dog Labrador Clip

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SKU TYI41280
This item is designed to fit specific vehicles. Please ensure correct part fitment before purchasing this project. Contact the seller directly for additional product information and availability.TOYOTA TUNDRA 2007-UP, DELUXE KIT FOR DOUBLE/CREW MAX CABS, LIMITED/SR5 MODELS W/ and W/O NAV. WITH ANALOG and DIGITAL CLIMATE CONTROLS - INCLUDES FACTORY PRINTING AND ILLUMAVIEW TECHNOLOGY , KIT PCS: 36, FOR 4 DOOR VEHICLE 2D / Flat Dash Kits Kit Pcs: 36.2D / Flat Dash Kits Kit Pcs: 36, Walnut Burl.2D / Flat Dash Kits.Dash Panel OverlayMaterial Description: Walnut Burl.